Saturday, 1 August 2015

Could the slow fashion trend break the vicious circle of consumerism?

Má trend slow fashion šanci vyvést nás z bludného kruhu konzumerismu?

Today´s fashion industry runs on a fast fashion principle. Garments are designed by Westerners and mass produced in the Third world and then distributed to the whole world but especially back in Westerns countries. The low quality of this clothes and its trendiness are the reason why this clothes ends up in a bin soon.

Současný módní průmysl funguje na principu fast fashion. Oděvy jsou navrhovány na Západě a masově vyráběny v zemích třetího světa, odkud jsou distribuované do celého světa, ale zejména zpátky na Západ. Nízká kvalita tohoto oblečení a jeho trendový design, který se často obměňuje, však způsobují, že takové oblečení rychle putuje do koše.

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Kate Fletcher from Centre for Sustainable Fashion came up in 2007 with an idea to resolve the problem of existence of fast fashion. She was inspired by the trend of slow food that spread from Italy to the rest of the world in 1980s and that is a big thing in these days too. The slow food initiative was and still is a protest against fast food chains that spread around the world and offer low quality food. The popularity of bio food and shopping ingredients from local farmers is spreading quickly in Western countries and became an attribute of the middle class. Fletcher hopes people would finally realize the harmfulness of fast fashion that is also nicknamed “McFashion”.

Kate Fletcher z Centra pro udržitelnou módu v roce 2007 napadlo, že problém fast fashion, by bylo možné vyřešit po vzoru trendu slow food, které se do světa rozšířilo z Itálie 80. let 20. století a v současnosti již představuje rozšířený trend. Hnutí slow food bylo a je protestem vůči řetězcům s rychlým občerstvením, které se rychle rozšířily ve světě a nenabízely kvalitní stravu. Obliba bio jídla a surovin nakoupených od lokálních zemědělců se v současnosti rychle šíří v západních zemích a stává se příznačnou pro střední třídu. Fletcher doufá, že lidé si uvědomí i škodlivost fast fashion, které je někdy analogicky přezdíváno „McFashion“.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Yellow retro dress

yellow, dress, vintage, retro, fashion blog,quaintrelle, georgiana quaint, lydc bag| yellow dress: vintage | beige shoes: Deichmann | bag: LYDC |
This dress belongs to my all time favourite pieces in my wardrobe. It is vintage, my mom used to wear it. She told me once that the white hem round the knees did not belong to it, that she felt like the dress was too short, so she added a few centimeters to make it longer. I do not think that the dress was too short. At least not for me. On the other hand I cannot imagine it without it now. I really like the design and the pattern on the fabric. The drawback of real vintage pieces is (1) in the era this dress was made the fabrics were not that great, this is some kind of polyester or what and it is not that comfortable in really warm wearther, (2) although the fabric endures the time (but I know sometimes there are issues even with the fabric) the threads are fragile. So yes, this dress needs a little reconstruction because it is slowly strating to fall apart. I will have to reinforce the hems in order to make the dress ok again.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Tiny bits and pieces: Dyzajn Market (30.5.2015)

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In this blog post I am sharing a few photos from Dyzajn Market, a fashion fair, that takes place several times a year, usually near the National Theatre in Prague. I am really fond of the floral headbands by Magaela that are on the first picture, I picked a summery one for myself made of orange flowers and fruits. I also bought a wooden dog brooch and Art Nouveau style earrings that are made of old plastic bottles, I was really surprised to learn this information. As for the clothes offered, it seems like I have seen all these "alternative" clothes before - rockabilly style dresses,  colourful tulle skirts, baggy pants - inovation is quite scarce, which is a shame. But I have to praise all the food offered - pancakes, ice-cream, cakes, all really yummy.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Easy virtue

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 | white blouse with polka dots: vintage | black cullotes with white polka dots: vintage |
| grey heels with T strap: Deichmann |

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lecture on Marie Antoinette´s fashion by Caroline Weber

Caroline Weber who is the author of the amazing book "Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette wore to the revolution" gave a lecture at the University of Michigan summing up this book. If interested in this topic I highly revommend this video and also the book mentioned above.