Monday, 1 February 2016

Fake fur coat and panda skullcap

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 | fake fur coat: vintage | panda skullcap: C&A | boots: Deichmann |
This lovely fake fur coat is a vintage piece that I love, you could have seen it in past here on my blog. I really like its fit, it creates a really nice silhouette. The coat has its drawbacks, it is not as warm as you would suspect and when wearing it cold air attacks your neck and wrists because the neckline and sleeves are not close fitting. When combined with right accessories it looks really luxurious but I don´t feel like dressing up in fur coat and pretending being rich (and famous?). Especially with no bodybuard by my side haha. Today I felt like combining it with this panda skullhat that is the cutest thing ever. I bought it in November in C&A and Imust say that it draws quite an attention: it is a big hit with small children and with a bit tipsy people.

Monday, 25 January 2016

My first lolita skirt

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This skirt was my first "real" skirt in Japanese lolita style. It is from a Chinese brand Anna House that was quite popular years ago in the Czech Rep. because the clothes was quite nice, had good quality and most of all was affordable. Anna House is not one of the lolita big brands, so called "burando", but I was never a name/brand dropper when it comes to clothes. Ok, I really do amire haute couture, especially the art side of it, but at the same time I know I will never be able to afford it although I would love to see their pieces in person like paintings by Rembrandt or Tiziano. I will never have them but am silently admiring from a distance. Let´s go back to the big lolita brands - I must admit this secret of mine: although I love lolita because the clothes is pretty, the lifestyle of cultivating your surroundings is admirable and it gave me a lot (I learned how to sew because of lolita!) I never owned a real brand piece. I have some dresses I admire but it is not that I have to buy them although I know it is possible to find a great deals. I am weird right? :D

Monday, 18 January 2016

Winter dreamland

winter outfit, vintage, georgiana, quaint, quaintrelle,midi skirt, personal style blogger,fashion, trend, ootd, F&F, Deichmann, New Yorker,Extreme weather can create marvelous views. I am really fond of these photographs, it has been my challenge to take pictures when snowing for a while but these days are quite rare because it usually rains during winter. I still remember one other time connected to extreme weather - I quite like storms and I experienced one when visiting an old monastery San Juan de la Pena located in the Pyrenees, the athmosphere is unforgettable. My another challenge is to shoot during rain, so we´ll how it will turn out some day.

Friday, 15 January 2016

#5 Let´s try to...

reach for a book more often. You might say that your life is better than any fiction that could be find in a library. In this case you can pick a non-fiction book and learn something new and exciting. The world of books is broad enough so everyone can find something interesting. Maybe some self-development book? Sometimes I say the pieces of advice are silly but some ideas are actually very good. You don´t have to follow everything written in there. The fiction will still have a place on my heart (and on my bookshelf), one can learn even from these books, you know?

častěji sáhnout po knize. Možná řeknete, že váš život je lepší než jakákoliv fikce, kterou najdete v knihovně. V tomto případě si můžete vybrat nějakou naučnou knihu a dozvědět se něco nového a zajímavého. Svět knih je dostatečně široký, aby si každý dokázal najít něco „svého“. Možná nějakou knihu o osobním rozvoji? Občas si říkám, že některé uvedené rady jsou hloupé, ale některé nápady mají něco do sebe. Samozřejmě, že se nemusíte řídit vším, co v takové knize píšou. Fikce však vždy bude mít své místo v mém srdci (a v mé knihovně) , člověk se může poučit i v těchto knihách, víte?
Fotka zveřejněná uživatelem Georgiana Quaint (@quaintrelle.georgiana),