Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Navy blue and white outfit

 ootd, outfit, navy, white, vintage, bohemian retro, pin-up, 1940s, F&F, Pimkieootd, outfit, blue, white, vintage, navy, pin-up, 1940s, F&F, Pimkie
My today´s outfit is a combination of navy blue and white colours. My blue cardigan is offbrand, the white T-shirt from Pimkie has blue Peter Pan style collar and tiny blue bows pattern. I paired these with blue knee length vintage skirt, white leather vintage purse from Bohemian Retro and F&F navy flats. The necklace is also from F&F.
Můj dnešní outfit kombinuje bílou a námořnickou modrou. Můj modrý svetřík je z no-name obchodu, bílé tričko z Pimkie má modrý Peter Panovský límeček a potisk malých mašliček. Toto jsem doplnila modrou vintage sukní ke kolenům, bílou  koženou vintage kabelkou z Bohemian Retro a balerínama z F&F. Náhrdelník je taktéž z F&F.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Vintage fashion

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vintage, prague vintage fair, purse, bead, 1920s, yellowVintage fashion is something that is talked about a lot lately and it also came “in fashion”. This could be thanks to stars such as Dita von Teese, or the rockabilly style and the electro swing music that is a big thing now. Vintage is not something new, it consists of garments that are from past decades, but are worn again today. It is not every second hand piece you find in a thrift store, it must not be contemporary, chain store made garment. People who are into vintage clothing are looking for quality, which is not common in today´s cheaper ready to wear clothes, and also originality.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Gothic playground

ootd, gothic, black, bordeaux, grey, tulle, velvet
Photo by Y

Hi, today I am sharing with you my outfit that is a bit inspired by the gothic subculture. I put together pieces that are of darker colour. I am wearing black tulle skirt and T-shirt and black leather boots, bordeaux tights, grey cardigan and black velvet jacket. I decorated my neck with black lace choker I got at Victorian & steampunk picnic and put all my necessities in my C&A panda purse.

Zdravím, dnes se s Vámi podělím o můj outfit trochu inspirovaný gothickou subkulturou. Zkombinovala jsem několik kousků tmavších barev. Mám na sobě černou tylovou sukni a triko, černé kožené boty, bordové punčocháče, šedý svetřík a černé sametové sako. To vše jsem doplnila černým krajkovým obojkem, který jsem dostala na Viktoriánském a steampunkovém pikniku, a všechny své nezbytnosti jsem měla v pandí kabelce z C&A.

Monday, 8 September 2014

MB Prague Fashion Weekend 2014 (saturday & sunday) + OOTD

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Saturday´s MBPFW offered 5 fashion shows for public. I had to skip the last one, Boris Hanečka, because of my lack of time, but I at leasthad the possibility to enjoy the previous ones. I liked the first two shows the most, Ether and Tiqe by P. Balvínová. Tiqe used in their collection the pattern of pink flamingos (yay!). The shows of LaFormela and Chatty were too modern for me, not my cup of tea, but I have a few really nice pictures from LaFormela. On the other hand I do not have photos from Chatty, because my view was not photogenic.
mbpfw, ledvinováThere were 6 public fashion shows on sunday. I did not attend to the 1st one, Pavel Berky/Jana Mikešová, but I really enjoyed the next one, Tereza Rosalie Kladošová/Tereza Ledvinová. I really enjoyed T. Ledvinová´s collection. T. R. Kladošová´s cat collection that used colourful furry fabrics was too crazy for me, but thanks for the Cat´s tongues (a popular chocolates from my childhood) that every visitor received. I was also able to choose my personal favourites on the 4 fashion shows that followed, Jindra Jansová, Odivi, Zuzana Kubíčková, Lay Sedláková/Miro Sabo.
In general I evaluate MBPFW very positively. As a paying visitor I think I got really a lot for my money. I could visit 18 fashion shows in 4 days, although I did not attend to every one, I skipped 3 shows. It was quite a marathon to be honest, I experienced on my own what many attendees of fashion weeks complain about - exhaustion. The day after my feet still hurt. And we had the luxury of only one stage, I did not have to run all over the city. The event was also a great opportunity to gain new contacts, which is great.
I found one drawback on saturday - I think the organizers should check the cleanliness of the seats, because on an event like fashion week it is not kosher to sit in some sticky stuff while dressed in something pretty.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

MB Prague Fashion Weekend 2014 (thursday & friday) + OOTD

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mbpfw intro, fashion week, prague
I think that everyone already heard of that unusual country where chainstores selling outdoor clothes have the biggest turnovers, but despite this fact it has 3 (THREE!) fashion week(end)s (Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend, Unique Fashion Week, Designblok /check out my photos from last year here/). And because I live in this kingdom (well, republic, of course, but they are not very popular in the fairytales because there is quite a lack of princesses) I am bringing you s brief report from MB PFW (the 1st one of our 3 fashionweek(end)s).
Why did I choose this one? I really liked the system of the tickets. Because I am no celebrity on the guestlist or a blogger with a press card, I bought my ticket in July for 500 CZK and am free to visit almost all of the shows during the four days when the MB PFW is held. There are a minor number of shows I could not visit with my (loser) pass, but I am not sad about it at all.
The 1st fashion show I saw and that launched the fashion week for the public was Awkward Collection. Yes, the models walked really awkward, but wth. It was a collection of swim suits and tank tops.
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