Thursday, 17 April 2014

Blue outfit vs. pink cherry blossoms

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Today I would like to show you my new skirt I sewed, but haven´t documented yet. The fabric has a pattern with butterflies and it goes perfectly with my baby blue H&M blazer. As you can see I became quite a fan of outfits that consist of only one colour with some accent or more shades of one colour. Few years ago, this was a taboo for me, I was more into colour blocking, more contrasts. I am more fond of pastel colours than I used to be, I like to combine more pastel colours in one outfit, the outfit reminds me of candy then.


Monday, 14 April 2014

Moschino Fall 2014 RTW Junkfood Collection

Have you seen the newest collection Moschino Fall RTW 2014 by Jeremy Scott? What do you think about it? I enclosed a short video that summs the whole collection up, but you can look at all of the designs here. I am a bit appalled by it. People in the video say they are lovin´ it, that it is a great joke. But what does it say about our society? Gluttony, capitalism, cheap entertainment and junkfood. That makes me sad, not amused. Not only do we put unhealthy food inside our bodies by eating it, which influences our outside look later on. Are we going to dress in the junkfood brands now too?
What is the purpose of this alleged joke collection? The only thing I can imagine one could do is to go to the nearest McDonald´s and take a few nice pictures like Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad did. But would you really invest that much money just to have a few photos for your Instagram? Or is Moschino going to make affordable clothes for masses now? I highly doubt it. On whose expense this joke really is, the junkfood brands, the people working there or the people eating there who at the same time cannot afford clothes by Moschino? Are the people who can afford this junkclothes now going to mock the ones who cannot and who are for various reasons participating in the mass culture of consumerism and buy their clothes in clothing chain stores?
We know one thing for sure now - the collection has accomplished its purpose, it surely is controversial and much talked about, which is certainly desired publicity for the designer and the brand too. On the other hand - all the brands featured in the collection can now consider a legal action against Moschino. I am curious about that.

Add the bondage dress - Did you know how the bondage trousers with lots of belts and straps were created? It is a fashion created by the homeless people who used the straps to travel on trains for free.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Pussy bow and dots

elegant, pussy bow blouse, polka dots, 1940s, skirt, T strap shoes
Pussy bow blouse is my favourite type of blouse. It´s main feature is a neck tie that is tied in a bow. I consider this style very elegant and cute at the same time. This blouse was my first attempt to sew this look, as you might have read in my past post, I made for the occasion of the celebrations of the end of the WW2. 
The bows were worn by women in the past eras already but the term was coined in the 1930s and became a trend during the 1940s. Among the famous designers who liked to design attire with the pussy bows belonged Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent. The fashion was revived in 1980s by the Brittish first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who liked to wear this style and who was also the pioneer of so called power dressing.
pussy bow blouse, elegant, 1940s, T strap shoe

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Inspiring people: Auguste Toulmouche

Today´s post is about inspiration in historical clothing. I am fascinated by fashions of the past eras and consider period paintings to be the best resource. I recently discovered this painter, I have never heard of him, but I see now it would be a shame not to introduce him to more people.
Auguste Toulmouche was a French 19th century painter who became famous for his paintings of Parisian women. As you can notice, the paintings capture the changes in the fashions quite well. From the voluminous hoop skirts, that were popular at the beginning of the 19th century (the beginning of Queen Victoris´s reign in England, Jane Eyre costumes), to the bustle gowns, that were worn at the last decades of the 19th century and Gibson girls, the look that became popular around 1890s.
Vanity by A. T., 1890 (source: Wikipaintings) - check out the painting in it´s original format here.
Sweet doing nothing by A. T., 1877 (source: Wikipaintings) - check out the full HD format here.
The Ticket by A. T. (source: Wikipaintings) - more details here.
Reading Lesson by A. T., 1865 (source: Wikipaintings)
Consolation by A. T., 1867 (source: Wikipaintings)
In the Library by A. T., 1872 (source Wikimedia Commons)
The Love Letter by A. T., 1883 (source: Wikipaintings)
La Toilette by A. T., 1890 (source: Wikipaintings) - check out the full format here.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bohemian Garnet

The garnet is one of the oldest known minerals that were used for decoration and rituals. In past they were called "carbunculus", but this name was generally used for fiery red stones, for eg. rubys too. The garnets were used by old Greeks and Romans and also by the civilisations in northern Africa, but one of the oldest artefacts is a cylinder seal form Mesopotamia (21. cent. BC). The garnets spread more during the Alexander the Great´s reign (356-323 BC), the garnets were considered as precious as diamond, saphires or rubys. Today´s name garnet comes probably from Latin word "grannum" and was created by a philosopher and theologian Albertus Magnus in 1559.
One of the symbols of the Czech Republic are Bohemian Garnets. The Bohemian Garnets became popular during the reign of Rudolf II (1576-1610). A lot of tourists want to bring home a jewellry made of famous Bohemian Garnets as a souvenir and a reminder of the great time they had in the Czech Republic. One of the evidences of this thesis is the quantity of shops offering (Bohemian) garnets near the main tourist routes. The problem with the "Bohemian" garnets sold in these shops is the fact they are quite often not the genuine Bohemian Garnets. It is said, that in 13 of 15 cases the Bohemian Garnets are not genuine, they are some other cheaper stones or just a glass. But how is this possible?
The sellers are using clever tricks to delude the customers, of course. They are issuing fake certificates or "offering some other brand that is not called Bohemian Garnet". The Bohemian Garnet is a fiery red Pyrope stone of the garnet family that has been mined in Bohemia from the 13th century. The cheaper garnets often offered in these shops have a brownish colour that are the Almadine variety of garnets or are just a coloured glass. Another thing one should be aware of is the size of the stones, Almadine garnets are bigger than the Pyrope garnets. One should also keep a receipt where a type of the metal and stones used is written (the stone should be called Bohemian garnet = český granát).
In these days only one firm is mining and distributing processed Bohemian Garnets, Granát Turnov, that was established in 1950s, but one could find beautiful antique jewells that are genuine (and I like them often more than the modern creations) although they don´t have the mark G on it´s back.
Bohemian Garnet, red, Czech Garnet
These pieces were shown at the exhibition Vital Art Nouveau 1900 at the Municipal House in Prague.

Česká televize. Kupujete český granát? Asi není pravý., 4. 4. 2014.
Český rozhlas. Many shops found to be selling fake Bohemian garnets., 4. 4. 2014.
Finanční noviny. Jak správně nakupovat šperky s českými granáty., 4. 4. 2014.

Monday, 31 March 2014

DIY tips I

♥ Did you also wonder while watching the Grand Budapest Hotel how to make Mendl´s Courtesan au Chocolat? Luckily, I have an answer for you. The film makers revealed their recipe and you can create this dessert too. I am definitely trying it when I have some more time on my hands.

♥ Are you in the need of some new jewellery, but have no inspiration? (The whole channel is full of inspiring beadwork tutorials)

♥ Are you looking for a new quick hairdo? (I recommend every video tutorial by Lilith Moon)

♥ Or more in desperate need of a fun vintage furniture? I am sure you will love this bedside table:

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