Tuesday, 29 July 2014

People and umbrellas

With the first drops of rain the grey cities are suddenly revived with the bright umbrellas people are holding, if the wind allows it. Umbrellas not only protect people from soppy weather but they also provide the cities with unusual atmosphere that is very photogenic. Walking round with an umbrella or meeting people holding umbrellas could embody quite a problém sometimes. Although people from my climate use umbrellas relatively often, not all of them know how to safely use them, umbrellas can transform in a dangerous weapon that is (sadly) not dangerous for the holder, but for the people breathing nearby.

Some people for eg. overlook the fact that the end of the wires on umbrellas are in the hight of other pople´s eyes. Still they scramble through the crowds without paying attention to other´s heads, or eyes, although one can avoid the colision easily by raising the umbrella higher or by tilting it to one side.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The background of: ANKLET

silver, anklet, history, accessory, quaintrelle georgianaAnklets are quite popular type of jewellery, especially during the summer time when woman walk barelegged. In the Western world, where they were introduced much later, in the 20th century enspecially in 1970s during the hippies era, anklets usually do not have a special meaning, it is only worn for the fashion purpose. Sometimes the right or left ankle could indicate a person that is married or single, sometimes hetero- or homosexuality, but these indications are more typical for some communities and are not universally recognized in Western countries or in the world.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bordeaux and black OOTD

ootd, outfit, Georgiana Quaint, quaintrelle, bordeaux, black, Tamaris, T-strap shoe, tulle skirt, C&A, CCC

In this outfit post I am wearing C&A bordeaux and black sweater, black tulle mini skirt I made, bordeaux cotton tights and black leather shoes from Tamaris, nude purse from CCC and random silver necklace for belly dancers. I am sad that the weather got bad so quickly and I had to look for some sweater in my wardrobe, I hope this rainy period will be soon gone.

V dnešním outfitovém příspěvku mám na sobě bordovo-černý svetr z C&A, černou tylovou sukni, kterou jsem si ušila, bordové bavlněné punčocháče a černé kožené boty z Tamaris, béžovou kabelku z CCC a stříbrný náhrdelník pro břišní tanečnice. Mrzí mě, že se teď počasí tak pokazilo, musela jsem proto vyhrabat ze skříně nějaké svetry, doufám, že toto deštivé období rychle přejde.
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